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The importance of a professionally written resume

Ever wondered why you aren’t securing interviews for jobs in which you have the relevant experience for? It could simply mean that your resume is not exciting your prospective employer.

Ask yourself, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

How do you capture the attention of the person reading your resume?

Quickly gaining your reader’s attention

On average, hiring managers and recruiters spend less than 10 seconds skimming through resumes looking for key words relating to the selection criteria of the job advertised. If you are not skilled in understanding what information needs to be included in your resume, your resume may be dismissed simply because relevant information cannot be located in time.

Understanding key requirements

It is very important to understand the job you are applying for by having knowledge of the key requirements for the role such as the job duties, key skills, education and qualifications, training as well as any achievements that may link to previous experience related to the role. It is important to showcase and prove that you have the soft and hard skills required for the role.

Structure and format

Furthermore, your resume is a representation of the person you are. Having a neat, precise and good looking resume is what captures the attention of those reading it. If your formatting is not correct and your resume is too lengthy or vague, there is a high chance that it will be dismissed.

If your employment search isn’t yielding any interviews, it might be time to revamp your resume or hire a professional resume writer to help build your resume.

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